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* Created by RadiantRocks Software Development Team. * Low cost freeware. * Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and 64bit supported. * Add-ons, maps and stuff are free! Get the full version by paying for the map pack. Features: • Configure properties for each element: o Name of the creature o Image of the creature o Description of the creature o Color of the creature o Spacial coordinates of the creature o Owner of the element, if you make a planet o FOV o Mass, speed, spawn position o Flight path o Movement o Collide with other elements o Hit collisions o Bomb explosions o The heat, humidity, and temperature of the air o The light, brightness, humidity and temperature of the atmosphere o The number of registered elements (active creatures, plants, and bots) o The size of the planet o The number of continents and islands o The time of day o The icons for continents and islands o The type of gravity o The color of the water • Planet snapshots o Save the screenshot o Show snapshots when user mouse over on the planet o Save the snapshot and display the animated GIF o Adjust the size of snapshot o Zoom in/out planet • Take snapshots o Save snapshots to a file o Save a screenshot to a file • Video stream recorder o Record the video stream to the AVI file o Record a screenshot to the AVI file o Record a snapshot to the AVI file o Edit recorded video or file • Map o Map size o Generate different map sizes o Number of continents and islands o Show map hint o Keep continents and islands flat o Keep continents and islands smooth o Add other elements onto the map (icons, labels, brushes) o Add custom labels o Zoom in/out of the map o Crop the map image o Adjust brightness • Populate the planet o Add planets o Save elements to a file o Edit elements • Zoom in/out of the planet o Zoom in/out of the planet o Center the planet o Zoom in o Zoom out o Switch to other planets • Underwater o Dark or dark/light world o Ocean o Icebergs o Weather o a5204a7ec7

• Screenshots & Video: • Youtube Video: • Developer Website: • Artificial Planet License: Demo • Artificial Planet Features: – Create more than 200 species – Add more than 40 elements to the planet – Make your populations grow and change – Customize your planets – Install the program on your PC • Overview: – Create a new planet – Add the elements on the planet – Install the program on your computer – Copy and paste the files on your computer – Start the program – Choose the element to install – Set the default color for the element – If the need arises, save the project – Take screen shots – Toggle the auto-snap – View the camera stats (lat, long, zoom) – Find out if the planet was generated – View the comet stats – View the planet’s statistics – View the statistics about the populations in the galaxy – Load screen that allows you to specify the species of the planet (giant, dwarf, animal, human, plant, etc) – Set the ambient temperature and the humidity – View the vegetation list – View the list with the information about predators – Set the size of the planet – Change the map size – Install the program on your computer – Customize the planet that you created – Close the program • Download System Requirements: – Windows 2000 or newer (32 bit or 64 bit) – At least 2 GB of RAM – Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 – DirectX 9.0 or later • Shortcuts: – R if you want to rename a file – T if you want to create a new planet – S if you want to save the project – C if you want to close the program • Known Bugs/Errors: – If you have a problem on opening the program (other than a simple 2 GB RAM error), press CTRL-ALT-DEL and open the Task Manager, and kill the PLANET.exe process – The program should be installed to its folder that is specified on the menu bar. If the folder is not created, you should create

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